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Extra Wide Oak Trestle Table


3′ wide wooden trestle table with metal legs

Size approx. 180cm long x 100cm wide x 75 cm height (3″wide x 6′ long)

Available soon, we are already taking bookings, for more information please contact our sales team on 0203 0959818 




PLEASE NOTE: The wood colour and finish may vary due to the vintage / antique nature of the item.  We are constantly refurbishing them to protect the surface from liquids and food, so some have a more shiny finish compared to others.  Please contact us for more details or information.


Our extra wide oak trestle tables are 1 metre or 3′ wide and feature natural coloured metal legs allowing up to 8 people to sit at a table. Our extra wide oak trestle tables have a small, square natural coloured metal leg in each corner allowing full access to the entire table for your guest’s legs. No, A-frames trestles are used or needed. Our extra wide trestle has space for a full place setting for each guest as well as space for sharing platters in the centre of the table.

This table is oak in colour with natural coloured metal legs, one in each corner with no low-level crossbar.

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