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Zinc Topped Trestle Table


Natural Zinc topped trestle table with wooden folding legs. Natural Zinc tables are aged with a beautiful oxidised patina that forms naturally in the Zinc meaning each table is unique. Zinc is a natural substance that has been used to top tables for hundreds of years. Zinc tables are found in homes, restaurants are trendy venues all over the world.

Size: Approx. 82cm wide x 180cm (6ft) long x75cm height

Note: Our Zinc tables must not be used outdoors in direct sunlight or have hot objects such as serving dishes or candle placed directly on them. The tops are made from dark oxidised Zinc metal, the sun will heat the table top to high temperatures which may hurt your guests and damage the tables structure. The surface is natural so may be prone to scratching and the oxidisation layer rubbing off. Only clean with a soft damp cloth.