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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope our Frequently Asked Questions below will provide you with the information you require.

If you need further clarity please call us on 0203 095 9818

When are my items booked?

Your items are booked when you have paid a deposit or in full. We cannot reserve items for you. If we provide you with a Quotation we guarantee the prices quoted for the duration of the quotation by not availability.

Can I change my order?

When you book items in advance by paying a deposit these items are allocated to you. If you require more of a specific item it may not be available for the dates you need it.

You cannot change your order on the week of delivery as it is already being prepared.

You can change your order “once” prior to the week of delivery after that you will be charged £15 on each occasion.

What is the Damage Deposit?

When you hire form us we take a £200 deposit. If you return the items hired undamaged, we will refund this deposit to you in full.

You will I loose all, part of a deposit and even incur extra charges in the following circumstances.

  1. If the delivery circumstances are not as stated on the hiring contract.
  2. If items have not been repacked when we collect them and our driver has to find or pack items.
  3. If items are missing or damaged.
  4. If no one is on-site to meet our driver at the scheduled delivery or collection time agreed on the hiring contract.
  5. If items have not been rinsed to remove food.
  6. If our vehicle / driver has to wait on site to deliver or collect or gets stuck on site due to mud and needs to be recovered.

For a full list of circumstances please check our terms and conditions on  this website or your hiring contract.

Do you deliver and collect?

We have Six of our own vans that deliver and collect all over London and the surrounding counties, and further afield, 7 days a week.

The most cost effective time for Deliveries and Collection is during office hours Monday to Friday.

Our delivery charges are based on the the distance from our warehouse to the delivery / collection address. We charge extra for Evening, Weekend, Night and Bank Holiday appointments.

Do you have a minimum order value?

Our minimum order value of £200 + delivery and VAT for us to deliver within London. If you wish to collect and return items from us the minimum is £100 +VAT.

How long can I keep items?

Our standard hire period is 4 days. We may allow you to extend this is you wish to have items delivered on a Thursday and collected on a Monday.

If you wish hire items for longer you can in 4 day blocks. Its best to speak to us if you have specific requirements.

How long can we keep the items?

We want you to relax and enjoy your event so you can keep anything you hire for 4 days. That way you can collect or we can deliver a day or two before and collect after the event. If you require the items for longer we can arrange this at an extra cost.

Washing Up Service?

We charge 25% of the Rental fee to wash the items hired. When you return items that we ask that you rinse the items to remove food and drink remnants to prevent extra charges. The risks that we would ask you to help us minimise are: 1. Dried food and drink on crockery, cutlery and glassware. 2. Foods that stains crockery, especially if they contain colour additives or natural acids e.g. turmeric, vinegar or lemon.

Dirty items with dried food on them need to be washed for longer at a higher heat which risks damaging the items. We have very high hygiene standards, if these cannot be met due to stained or damaged items you will be charged for a new item.

Can I collect from & return items?

Yes – You can collect the items from our West London warehouse yourself or via an Addison Lee Van or UBER type service.  Simply return the items to us when your event is over.

If you wish to return items out of office hours including Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays you can request a 30 minute time slot. A fee is payable of £30 per 30 minute time slot because we have to arrange for a member of staff to meet you.

How do you pack the items?

We ensure all items are properly packed to keep them safe and enable you to move, store and repack them after use easily. We use crates for glasses and cups, rigid plastic crates for plates, glassware, cutlery and everything else. For good measure some items like tea pots and glass jars may be supplied in padded cloth pouches as well as crates. Furniture has protective sheets where possible.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payment by Bank Transfer, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept American Express.

Can you post items?

Some less breakable items can be sent to you via courier, such as chair covers, linen, signs and props, as long as they aren’t too fragile, heavy and can fit into a box. We provide you with a return label so our courier can collect the items after the event and bring them back to us.